It seems that every day has a celebration – International Women’s Day in March, International Men’s Day in November, World Naked Gardening Day in May (bet you missed that one!).

Today I’m going to draw your attention to – World Pest Day!


World Pest Day falls on June 6th every year; just as the warm weather starts to really wake up the flies and fleas and wasps and snakes. It was intended to draw attention to the dangers posed to the general public by pests great and small, and to the valuable work performed by pest controllers.

Pests are not just irritating creatures. Enjoy the short list of a few consequences of living with pests;

  • Weil’s Disease (passed on through rat urine or bites)
  • Food poisoning from mice droppings in human food stores
  • Anaphylactic shock reaction to wasp stings
  • Lyme’s Disease (passed on by infected ticks)
  • Dysentry, typhoid and salmonella are a few possible gifts from cockroaches

When you’re under attack from pests, call your friendly local pest controller to rescue you. That’s us, by the way. Happy to help.