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Rat treatments are one of our most requested services, at Eastern Counties Pest Control, we deal with rats all year round. Rats are most prevalent in the winter due to the cold weather, lack of food and rain, which drives rats from surrounding ditches to higher ground. We offer affordable rat control services, utilising modern traps, techniques and approved rodenticides. We are here to help rid you of your rodent worries! We cover the whole of Essex and Suffolk, with large numbers of jobs undertaken in Braintree (CM6), Colchester (CO1), Haverhill (CB9) & Witham (CM8).

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Tell-tale signs of rats:

  • Scratching noises in loft/wall cavities.
  • A strong smell of urine.
  • “Tic-tac” sized droppings.
  • Runs; worn/smooth grass or dirt.
  • Smear marks on walls; black grease marks from prolonged rat activity.
  • Sightings.

Common rat locations:

  • Lofts
  • Hedge Rows
  • Compost Heaps
  • Log Piles
  • Derelict Buildings
  • Sewers

Rat Control Services We Offer:

  • Commercial Rat Control
  • Residential Rat Control
  • Agricultural Rat Control
  • Proofing
  • Pest Management Contracts

"Nobody near me here, but rats"
-Charles Dickens

The most common species is the Norwegian rat (Rattus Norvegicus), more commonly known as the brown rat. A non-native species thought to have been brought over to the British Isles during the 18th century as a stowaway on trade ships.
The brown rat is a commensal rodent, meaning it lives in close association with humans, a problem of our own making. Brown rats are one of the most successful mammal on Earth, after Humans, present on every continent apart from Antarctica!
Another rarely seen rodent is the black rat or “ship rat”, most famously known for helping spread the black death. This species of rat has now all but wiped out apart from in costal towns and ports, due to the better adapted brown rat.
In part, rats success is due to their adaptability and opportunistic way of life. They can go almost anywhere and eat nearly anything, including each other which has allowed their population to an estimated 10 million in the UK. Not only do they spread disease but a study by Swiss researchers showed that rats have a wider ecological impact, as well as an economic one too. Just a few of the many reason why rat pest control services are required.



Brown Rat Facts

Head + body 200-270mm
(tail is less than the combined length of head+ body)





Black Rat Facts

Head + Body 150-220mm
(tail longer than combined length of head + body)


Light brown to black

This species of rat is not known to be present in Essex or Suffolk

facts about brown rats.

  • Brown rats can breed every 21 days, with a litter size of up to twelve.
  • Rodents' two front teeth (incisors) grow continually. To keep them short and sharp, rats will gnaw on various objects to wear them down. This is one of the reasons they cause so much damage.
  • They burrow underground. Unbeknown to some, rats construct burrows under cover, containing stores for caching food, nests for breeding and “rooms”. Although they don’t always live in burrows, they can nest in loft spaces or wall cavities.
  • Brown rats are omnivores and can be cannibalistic. These animals will feed on whatever they can get their paws on, food waste, nuts, berries, dead carcasses and even their own young. To enable them to survive, rats will eat whatever they have to.

treatment methods.

  • Proofing
  • Traps
  • Approved Rodenticides

The above hierarchy of methods, in order of use, are the ways in which we deal with rats. As with mice, the best treatment is always prevention, people can suffer with rats for years without any luck in finding the root cause of the problem.

Rats deserve the credit they’re due, they are incredibly smart animals that are known for their neophobic behaviour (fear of new objects or changes in their environment). Rats are becoming increasingly trap-shy, with some being resistant to rodenticides, making it harder for people to resolve the problem themselves.

That’s where we come in, we’ve been dealing with pest control in Essex & Suffolk for over 20 years. We know exactly what to look for when it comes to rats, how they’re getting in, how to stop them and how to catch them.

We use the latest modern traps, that instantly despatch rats as humanly as possible with a backup arsenal of professional-grade rodenticides in varying methods of delivery.

If you have a rat problem in Essex or Suffolk and are fed up with living with an ongoing problem, give us a call.

pest control prices.

We believe in being open and honest in all aspects of our business. Consequently, we display our prices online so you know exactly how much it is going to cost to be rid of your pests.

£198 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£222 Standard Price

£198 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£222 Standard Price

£78 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£90 Standard Price
(Additional nests on same visit £24 each)



£78 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£90 Standard Price
(Additional nests on same visit £24 each)

1-2 Bed House
£120 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£144 Standard Price

3-4 Bed House
£144 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£168 Standard Price


Carpet Moths

1-2 Bed House
£120 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£144 Standard Price

3-4 Bed House
£144 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£168 Standard Price

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£210 Inc VAT

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from £100 Inc VAT**


Bed Bugs

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Call for quote

A £30.00 call-out charge is included in all prices shown. However, if for any reason work is not required and we've arrived on-site, this will still be charged.

* Additional nests found will be charged at £24 Inc VAT each.
**Following initial site visit.

towns & cities we cover.

  • Bury St Edmunds
  • Hadleigh
  • Ipswich
  • Sudbury
  • Witham

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  • Aldham
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