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Over 25 Years' Experience
You can rest easy knowing you're in the hands of 3rd generation pest controllers.


RSPH Level 2 Trained.
Safeguard your property with experts trained to a recognised standard.


Affordable Pricing.
We use an affordable fixed-price structure.
See Below.


Fast Response.
Because the last thing you need is unwanted visitors.


Non-toxic Options.
We strive to reduce the impact we have without compromising on service.


Cover all of Essex & Suffolk.
We aim to help as many people as possible, no matter where they are.

Eastern Counties is a 3rd Generation pest control company with family values, based out of Essex. What’s most important to us is keeping our customers happy, by providing the best services we can and going above and beyond what is expected.

We offer agricultural, commercial and domestic services, so it doesn’t matter if you have a problem at home or your business.

We adhere to the pest control gold standard and are audited as part of the BPCA to make sure we are using the latest techniques and approved traps and rodenticides. So, you know you’re in good hands.

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Responsible Pest Control Company

pest control prices.

We believe in being open and honest in all aspects of our business. Consequently, we display our prices online so you know exactly how much it is going to cost to be rid of your pests.

£198 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£222 Standard Price

£198 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£222 Standard Price

£78 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£90 Standard Price
(Additional nests on same visit £24 each)



£78 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£90 Standard Price
(Additional nests on same visit £24 each)

1-2 Bed House
£120 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£144 Standard Price

3-4 Bed House
£144 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£168 Standard Price


Carpet Moths

1-2 Bed House
£120 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£144 Standard Price

3-4 Bed House
£144 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£168 Standard Price

Please Call
Regulations & Conditions Apply
"Pay Fast Pay Less" Available

£210 Inc VAT

Call for quote

from £100 Inc VAT**


Bed Bugs

Call for quote



Call for quote

A £30.00 call-out charge is included in all prices shown. However, if for any reason work is not required and we've arrived on-site, this will still be charged.

* Additional nests found will be charged at £24 Inc VAT each.
**Following initial site visit.

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rat control maldon.

Rats really do make our customer’s skin crawl more than any other pest. If there’s one thing you don’t want to be sharing your home with it’s this animal… carrying a host of diseases and notorious for damaging property and even causing fires from chewing through wires.

There’s not much we haven’t seen over the last 25 years, so we have all the tricks of the trade to help get infestations under control as quickly and humanely as possible.

If you live in Maldon and have a rat problem or are just looking for advice, then our technicians are only a phone call away.

rat hiding with food in narrow space.
Wasps Nest Braintree in Shed

wasp control.

Nothing quite makes people quiver like wasps, annoying on those summer picnics and terrifying when you discover a live nest in your home.

With people trying to save money, many attempt to treat nests themselves but without access to the right equipment and professional insecticides, they often come away unsuccessful and with a few more stings than they bargained for!

Our technicians are fully trained in the theory and have the practical experience to treat any wasp nest. Our vans come equipped with ladders, telescopic poles and the latest approved insecticides to treat a nest, no matter its location.

If you need wasp nest control in Maldon, call the experts.

insect control maldon.

Don’t worry, we deal with “creepy crawlies” too! If you have an infestation that has been plaguing your home or business in or around Maldon, we’ve got the knowledge to help you.

We are trained in the application of both chemical and chemical-free treatments, listed below are some of the main insects we cover, although if you’ve got something out of the ordinary, we’ll try our best to give you a solution.

Wasp Control
Hornet Control
Fly Control; Including Cluster Flies
Bed Bug Control
Flea Control
Carpet Moth Control
Ant Control

macro photograph of an ant.
flea on human skin

flea control maldon.

One of the insects we most frequently get calls about in Maldon is fleas. Most people don’t know that you can still get fleas even when you don’t have pets. Hedgehog fleas are one of the more common types we deal with, whether you’ve been admiring a hedgehog in your garden or just unknowingly encountered one. The fleas they carry can soon infest your home.

With our flea programs, we can often carry out our treatments the next day and offer advice on how to prevent problems in the future.

about pest control in maldon.

A town located on the River Chelmer by the Black Water Estuary and known for the world-famous Maldon Salt, it is no stranger to rodents. Wherever there are people, there are rats, and with the town being in the doomsday book from 1086, we have no doubt our furry friends have been around just as long.

As with all old towns, buildings become extended and joined, and drains are built over. The result is rodent problems affecting both domestic properties and businesses. That’s where we can help! We service many properties and businesses throughout Maldon, so if you need help, contact us today.

who is responsible for pest control in maldon?

Unfortunately, unlike some councils, Maldon District does not offer pest control services. The responsibility therefore falls to the home or landowners to deal with rodent/insect infestations, either themselves or with the help of a private company like Eastern Counties.

We offer treatments for all pests that councils usually cover and more.

So, if you need help with a pest issue, give us a call.



An example of very good service

After telephoning for a wasp clearance service I expected to be given an appointment or promise of a response. Certainly wasn't expecting the operator to turn up a couple of hours later. And the job was done in less than half an hour, The treatment appears to be a complete success. That's what I call service! I wish all tradespeople round here were anything like as good.


Amazing Service! Highly Recommend!

Amazing service from start to finish. Lovely people too! Resolved rat invasion. Frequently came and checked in and so quick to respond to any queries and concerns if needed. Would highly recommend.


Reliable, friendly and efficient

Eastern Counties Pest Control has been helping us keep all rodents at bay throughout every season of living in a farmhouse in rural Essex. We have regularly called on them to help with moles, rats and mice as well as cluster flies in our loft and wasps’ nests. Always good-humoured and responsive, very tidy and cautious with domestic animals, we could not think of a more reliable and helpful service. Thank you to every member of the team who helps us with all pest problems.

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