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Bees have always played a big part at Eastern Counties, as most people are now aware that populations have been on the decline. We’re aware of the importance bees play in pollination and have always tried our hardest to do our part, which is why the company is a proud supporter of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and the owners of several honeybee colonies of their own.

The company and its director will always try to remove bee swarms (where possible) and rehome them in one of our beehives located on one of our partners (Waterer Farms) sites. It’s important to remember that it isn’t just honeybees we need to look after but bumblebees and solitary bees.

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treatment methods.

We aim to treat bees by educating our customers about their lifecycle or removing nests where possible. We have rehomed many bumblebees in bird boxes over the years and aim to continue this tradition.

There are more than 200 types of Bee in the UK and they are typically viewed fondly when moving from flower to flower tirelessly pollinating as they collect nectar to take back to the hive. However, in large swarms they can be a nuisance and species that sting can be dangerous. 25% of all Bee species are endangered so preservation is important. Moving problem bees to a more suitable location is the preferred method of dealing with them. We are members of the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust are have plenty of experience handling bees in Halstead, Braintree, Sudbury, Rayne, Hedingham, Yeldham and surrounding towns and villages.

facts about bees.

These are easy to identify and they are rounder and larger than most other bees and feature the bright colour stripes they are famous for (although colours vary). They are commonly found nesting in places such as compost bins, bird boxes, empty burrows or underneath decking. They are social and therefore live in colonies and have an annual lifecycle. Female bumblebees (Queen & Workers) can sting and as their sting isn't 'barbed' the bee is not harmed if it stings you. This means it can sting repeatedly and in swarms can be dangerous. Those with bee-sting allergies must be extra cautious. However Bees in general, only sting in defense, therefore, may pose less of a risk than say wasps.

Tree Bees
Tree Bumblebees have a unique banding and so are easy to identify. The thorax is tawny to reddish-brown, the abdomen is black and the tail is white. Young male drones have yellowish facial fur until they mature. The queen, drones and workers all share similar colour patterns with size being the obvious difference between them. They are often found in empty bird boxes and other similar structures.

These bees don't often cause much hassle but feral swarms can be an issue. The sting on female honeybees is barbed meaning on mammals with thicker skin the sting will break off in the wound which kills the bee and causes more pain typically in the receiver of the sting. They like to set up nests in places like chimneys and wall cavities but sometimes will choose fence posts, trees or even cars for a temporary stay (normally a day or two) before moving on to a better suited and more permanent location. Honey bees are small and vary in colour from golden brown to almost black.

Solitary / Masonry Bees
Interesting to see bees that live alone and with their red/brown bottom and black body are quite easy to identify. You will rarely see these in large groups and can burrow through soft mortar to make a nest. They are usually little to no bother and can be left alone.

When it comes to large swarms/hives it goes without saying that unless you are highly experienced you should NOT attempt to control or remove them yourself. Please call us immediately for advice.

pest control prices.

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£198 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£222 Standard Price

£198 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£222 Standard Price

£78 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£90 Standard Price
(Additional nests on same visit £24 each)



£78 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£90 Standard Price
(Additional nests on same visit £24 each)

1-2 Bed House
£120 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£144 Standard Price

3-4 Bed House
£144 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£168 Standard Price


Carpet Moths

1-2 Bed House
£120 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£144 Standard Price

3-4 Bed House
£144 Inc VAT
with "Pay Fast Pay Less"
£168 Standard Price

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£210 Inc VAT

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Bed Bugs

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A £30.00 call-out charge is included in all prices shown. However, if for any reason work is not required and we've arrived on-site, this will still be charged.

* Additional nests found will be charged at £24 Inc VAT each.
**Following initial site visit.

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