About Squirrels in Braintree / Sudbury

While Squirrels appear fluffy and adorable they can cause devastation as this article will explain. It is important to make the distinction between red squirrels that are protected and grey squirrels that are considered invasive and a pest.

Grey squirrels are a cause of many issues including the decline of the red squirrel. They also strip bark from trees and will even find their way into attics and damage the wooden beams. In more extreme situations they will strip the insulation of electrical wires and squirrels have been blamed for several fires due to this damage.

Signs of squirrel activity include damage to garden plants, bark missing from trees, squirrel droppings, nests, holes in buildings and small damage to lawns where they like to stash acorns.

Efforts can be made to discourage them including reducing accessibility, removing food sources and using repellent devices. We can advise further on these methods.

We have extensive experience in dealing with squirrels in Halstead, Braintree, Sudbury, Haverhill, and surrounding villages such as Sible and Castle Hedingham, Yeldham, Felsted, Gt Cornard, Gosfiled among others. Are methods are efficient and as humane as possible.

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