About Fleas in the Sudbury / Braintree Area

With Fleas becoming more resilient against household and some veterinary treatments we are receiving an increase in enquiries from customers with houses that have developed an infestation. While it is possible to tackle the job yourself, you may find that getting a professional in to supply the correct treatment and apply it properly will ensure a complete eradication is accomplished. Failure to fully treat your house will likely mean a recurrence of Fleas within a short period. We are experienced in dealing with Fleas in Halstead, Braintree, Sudbury, Dunmow, Felsted, Hedingham, Yeldham, Ridgewell, and surrounding towns and villages.

Information on Common Fleas in Essex & Suffolk

Cat Fleas
Cat fleas are unable to determine whether a host is suitable for feeding without biting. If it finds an unsuitable host it will drop off and look for another. They grow to around 3mm in length and are typically brown coloured.

Dog Fleas
Adult dog fleas are quite happy feeding on cats as well as dogs (and even humans). They are on average 1-4mm in length and brown in colour. However once they have fed they can appear red or black.

Human Fleas
Although less common in the UK they are still an issue on farms in Essex & Suffolk where they breed and survive on pigs. They are black/brown in colour and grow up to 4mm in length. They will bite anywhere on the body.

If you have a flea issue in Halstead, Braintree, Sudbury, Dunmow, Earls Colne, Hedingham, Yeldham or nearby towns or villages please get in touch for advice and discussion of how we can solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

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