About Wasps & Nests in the Braintree / Sudbury Area

Wasps nests are fairly common in summer months in the UK. We are called out to several hundred each year in and around the Braintree and Sudbury area (CO9, CO10, & CM7) and have seen a wide variety of shapes and sizes of nests. Most people in Essex and Suffolk are sensible when it comes to dealing with Wasps Nests and recognise the very real danger they can pose to human life.

Those who are allergic to Bee and Wasp stings should also take extra care. While smaller nests can be dealt with by individuals, for the relatively low cost to remove a nest we can take the stress out of it for you. In addition to the task of removing the nest we can also check other areas where wasps also may be nesting that you hadn't noticed.

When it comes to large nests it goes without saying that unless you are highly experienced you should NOT attempt to control or remove a large nest. Please call us immediately for advice.

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