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Wasps are common pest during the summer months that we, here at Eastern Counties Pest Control, have many years of experience dealing with; Our pest control technicians are always on hand to give you advice on how best to deal with these unwanted visitors and can provide rapid response when you need us most!

We guarantee all our nest treatments because customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, and we like to leave you happy. That’s why if the nest requires more than one treatment, we won’t charge you a penny more.

We cover wide area including, but not limited to, Braintree (CM6)Sudbury (CO10), Colchester (CO1), Chelmsford (CM1) and Haverhill (CB9).

If you have noticed high levels of traffic around a specific area of your house or garden, then you could have a nest.

Common locations include:

  • Roof/loft spaces
  • Wall Cavities/Air Bricks
  • Internal Garages
  • Lawns/Sleepers
Wasps Nest Braintree in Shed
Wasp Face Close-Up

In the U.the common and German Wasp cause the most irritancy and nuisances, whether it be down the pub or at home.

Although a wasp sting might just be a slight inconvenience to one, it can be life-threatening to another, causing them to go into anaphylactic shock.

Our priority is your safety, which is why our experts follow stringent company guidelines and procedures while making sure we adhere to the latest code of practice/legislative measures.

Facts About Wasps in the UK
  • There are approximately 9,000 species of wasp in the UK. However, only nine of these species form the large, collective nests we usually imagine when thinking about wasps. The rest are solitary. Many of the 9,000 species are effectively parasites of insects or plant life.
  • Wasps eat many of the common pests that plague farmers and gardeners, including aphids and caterpillars. There is even a species of wasp that hunts for clothes moths.
  • Towards the end of August, Wasps have to start looking for sugary food. This is because there are no larvae left in the nest, therefore they start to pester humans who often eat sweet, sugar-rich foods (such as ice cream) outdoors in the warm weather.
  • A nest is only occupied by wasps from spring until the autumn. The workers and normally the queen will die. The newly mated queens (at least 1000 per nest) are the only ones that survive the winter period, creating a new nest during the following year.

Wasp/Bee Treatments we offer:

  • Wasp Nest Treatment/Wasp Nest Removal
  • Hornet Nest Treatment/Hornet Nest Removal
  • Bee Hive/Bee Swarm Removal

Need help with wasps in the Braintree area?

Our Pest Control Prices

For your convenience, we display our prices online as we believe in being open and honest in all aspects of our business. Please view our rates below and if you have any questions or for pests not listed below please get in touch.

  • Rats
    Rats & Mice

    Domestic £150 Inc VAT
    Commercial from £150 Inc VAT
    £132 with "Pay Fast Pay Less"

  • Squirrels

    £198 Inc VAT
    £180 with "Pay Fast Pay Less"

  • Wasps

    £74 Inc VAT*
    £66 with "Pay Fast Pay Less"

  • Wasps

    £74 Inc VAT*
    £66 with "Pay Fast Pay Less"

  • Bee Pest Control Braintree

    Please Call
    Regulations & Conditions Apply
    "Pay Fast Pay Less" Available

  • Carpet Moths
    Carpet Moths

    Please Call
    "Pay Fast Pay Less" Available

  • Flea Pest Control Braintree

    £150 Inc VAT (1-2 Bed House)
    £132 with "Pay Fast Pay Less"

  • Flea Pest Control Braintree

    £160 Inc VAT (3-4 Bed House)
    £144 with "Pay Fast Pay Less"

  • Moles

    from £108 Inc VAT**
    from £90 with "Pay Fast Pay Less"

"Pay Fast Pay Less" Explained

If you settle your bill before we leave site we will charge you our "Pay Fast Pay Less" discounted price. This can either be by handing us a cheque, cash or by card via our secure Pay Your Bill page online. If you don't make this payment before we leave then you will not qualify for the special discount.

Don't worry we won't sneak off just so we can charge you the higher price. Customers that pay as soon as a job is complete save us lots of time in the office and enables us to serve more customers each week. Our call-out response time is important to us and our "Pay Fast Pay Less" option works in your favour as well as ours.

* Additional nests found will be charged at £24 Inc VAT each.
**Following initial site visit.

A £30.00 call out charge is included in all prices shown, but if for any reason no work is required once on site this will be charged.

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